Three tubs of your choice for £13


We have the following - 


Mini Frogs

Juicy Lips

Fruity Hearts

Fizzy Blue Bottles

Fried Eggs

Sugar Kisses

Jelly Babies

Little Teeth

Sour Chilli Peppers

Magic Mushrooms

Strawberry Puffs

Tutti Fruiti Bottles

Juicy Berries

Fizzy Tutti Fruiti Bottles

Giant Fizzy Cherry Bottles

Rainbow Belts

Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Sour Bears

Fizzy Cherry Bottles

Fizzy Watermelon Bottles

Fizzy Tongues

Fizzy Bones

Fizzy Watermelon Tongues

Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles

Giant Fizzy Cola bottles

Watermelon Rings

Fizzy Rings

Sour Twin Cherries

3D Hearts

Fizzy Bananas

Watermelon Slices


Orange & Lemon Slices

SweetZone Tub